Friday, January 23, 2015

Valentine Heart Banner - Kid Craft

Got all four of my chickens involved in decorating this
year for February. I die cut out these hearts in white cardstock,
and let them go to town with craft paint and Q-Tips. 

After the hearts were dry, a simple hole punch for
ease of threading bakers twine (or you can use yarn)
and then die cut letters to spell your desired phrase.
You can also use stickers or draw directly onto 
the dry painted hearts with a sharpie marker, 
if you don't have die cuts for lettering.

Happy Decorating!!

DIY Valentine Decor Amore

After taking down our Christmas decor, the house
felt a little barren and although I love a clean and
uncluttered house, I also love holidays!

We are lacking in the Valentine decor
department, so when I spotted these cool
metal letters at Michael's...I put them back.
Really. I did. I put them back and walked away.
Mainly because there wasn't an "o"...and then
I walked past the Valentine row and spotted 
the perfect "o", the red metal cookie cutter
heart. I quickly ran back and snatched up
my letters and then headed to Home Depot.
Happy girl, happy girl!!!

Picked up 3 fence panels since another project
is in my head, in the works.
Just a two foot section was cut for this craft.
It needed to stand up, so a piece of scrap wood, 
an angled cut & some screws fixed that.

Already had the pink Americana Decor chalk
paint on hand, so I quickly got to work painting.

Of course a coffee break between the two coats.
Finished up the edges with a bit of white chalk paint.

I used the two pots of paint to balance the board on while
spacing the letters and hot gluing. If you wait a couple of 
seconds, the glue is the perfect temperature to smear into
the cracks with your finger without losing layers of skin.

A quick cut with an exacto knife to remove any visible glue 
that seeped out from the tops of the letters and voila!

That's Amore!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Easy DIY Painted Stripe

Checking 'to do' items off our list, one of which
was touching up all the paint in our home. With little
fingers and tiny thrown toys at times, our walls had
a few dings that needed repaired and touched up. 

This dresser had one of those beloved dings on the 
top drawer and it has bothered me for over a year.
I already had the blue paint out to touch up the 
large horizontal stripe that goes around our sons room
and decided to 'fix' up their plain jane white dresser
from IKEA while I was at it.

I eyeballed my first tape line, then grabbed a ruler 
for the second to make sure I was even from each end.
A little hole filler - no sanding on anything - a foam
brush and paint. 

First coat...I waited until completely dry. I set a mini
fan in front of the dresser to help quicken my drying
time, since my todo list seemed miles long, isn't it 
always, haha!

Second Coat

and Third can still see a bit of the ding
but it's not as noticeable now that the dresser is painted.
I wanted to make sure the paint would hold up to my boys,
hence the third coat.

 Peeled off the tape and am in LOVE with the new look!
 Have you painted anything in the new year?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Valentine Heart Mini Cupcake Toppers

Who's getting geared up for Valentine's Day? 
These sweet little heart mini cupcake toppers are
sure to put a smile on anyone's face this February 14th.

Just listed 4 sets of these in the Etsy Shop...
Happy Heart Making!!

DIY Chalkboard Art - Jingle All the Way

Since we just took down our tree and Christmas decor this past
weekend, this post is the perfect way to finish up the holidays
this season. Christmas can still be in January, right?!

This chalkboard is an oldie but goodie. My Great Aunt
taught me K-2nd grade and we each had our own chalk
boards in our desk. Dominos, flash-cards, chalkboards, 
these are the things that built my early education
(and no, it wasn't a little one room school house).

Now of course, until Pinterest and of course the internet,
I had NO idea you could actually sharpen chalk, wow!

No printer ink, no lines, no tracing...I hand sketched
and RE-sketched. Colored and RE-colored, Wiped and RE-wiped
until I was able to come out with the letters I was looking for.

I'm a lefty too, so until Sharpie fine tipped markers
came around, I've had the mark of a right brained
person on my left hand. In purple ink, pencil, marker,
you name it...I made sure to not let my hand rest
on the chalkboard while I was sketching, now
that would've been a disaster!

I added a bit of holly and berries at the end, they added
just the perfect touch of color without taking away from
the lettering.

Did you try your hand at any chalk lettering over
the holidays or any other time? Add your post link in
the comments, I'd love to see your creations!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Holiday Teacher Gifts

If you're looking for a one of a kind teacher gift, look no further
than a personalized stamp! I picked up these beauties from
Pick Your Plum and the teachers LOVED them!

Of course Target has some amazing pens, mini clipboards,
pads of paper, mini note pads and much more. 
I love to 'theme' our gifts and of course when they 
match, all the better!

If you've got a budding artist on your hands, have them
draw a picture of their teacher and frame it, a true
one of a kind gift that will be cherished...

A simple but fun (and not so Christmasy) tag for 
the bag filled with all sorts of goodies. I didn't include 
them all in the photos but some new lip balm, nail polish,
treats, tea...anything that you yourself would love
to receive, is a thoughtful gift for someone who
spends a great deal with your child throughout 
the year. Remember it's not about price but
more about thought...

I made a few note card with the stamps for each teacher
and clipped them to the mini clipboards, so they are 
ready to use as a thank you or note.

What are some of your favorite teacher gift ideas or
memorable items you've received from your students?

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

DIY Silver Tinsel Wreaths

I'll be playing "catch up" for a bit since my computer was down 
over the holidays and I was unable to post my holiday crafty ideas...

Here are two simple and easy silver wreaths I made for our guest room. 
They hang just above each headboard and add some beautiful 
silver holiday pizzaz to the room.

I used two silver tinsel garlands ($1 each) one on each circular form. 
The cardboard circles I upcycled instead of recycling them. They were
in between the lids of the large glass jars I purchased from WalMart 
earlier this year. A bit of hot glue to start and then a few times wrapping
the garland around till I got to the end of the garland. I pulled the silver
out of the way to place more hot glue onto my cardboard then attached
the end of the garland, tied a bit of bakers twine, then hung above
the beds.

Another simple and inexpensive way to add a bit of 
festive to your home during the holiday season!

Friday, December 12, 2014

DIY Winter Vase

I picked up some white carnations yesterday but
realized I didn't have a holiday vase to put them in.
No worries, a little mod podge & glitter to the rescue!

I pulled a scrap of red ribbon from my jar, tied it
around the top and snipped off the ends. A simple
tree paper punch, stuck to my jar with scrapbook
adhesive and then I decided it needed more sparkle.

Soooo...A quick paint job along the bottom half
of my mason jar with the Mod Podge. I sprinkled
some glitter (over a plate) and then set it 
upside down to dry. The unused glitter easily slid 
back into the container when I pinched the side of
the paper plate and shook it in.

Super quick and easy...I just might be glittering
everything in our house (if I don't spray paint
it gold first, haha). Happy Glittering!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

DIY Holiday Money Banks

Mr. Banks doesn't have anything on these fun upcycled 
Holiday Money Banks. I made these for my kiddos 
since they were asking how they could earn money 
for Christmas gifts (and of course they needed 
something cute to put their money in) The best part, 
the banks double as Christmas decor!

I started by cutting out the patterns with felt and
laid the pieces on top of the empty scotch 
containers until I was happy with the 'look'.

Then the FUN part, gluing it all down...
since the hot glue hardens quickly, I found that
running a strip of glue along one side of the felt
and then rolling the container on top, to start,
worked best. Next I ran a strip along the top
and bottom, a bit in the middle (if you are quick)
and then I rolled the container on top using the 
weight of the container and my hands to flatten out
any bubbles. I left the end flap to glue down last
and then added another small strip, since the felt
didn't reach the entire way around my container.

Next the white trim pieces, first one, then
the other...

and finally the belt and holly. I attached the belt
the same as the larger red felt piece and then picked 
up the unglued end to wrap it in place. 

Next Mrs. Claus, isn't she sweet?

I learned new tricks with each container
 and found that gluing the layers on before attaching 
them to the money banks worked best. For instance,
the felt buttons and pockets on the apron.

and it wouldn't be Christmas without a Grinch in the
house, I know we have a couple here!

I looked up a picture of the Grinch online and then 
free-hand cut out one eyebrow, laid it on top
of another piece of felt and mirrored the image  
and did the same with the eyes and eyeballs.
I was out of black felt but grey worked just fine.
Everything used for these projects I had on hand
so no last minute trips to the store...and if you don't
happen to have any scotch containers, you can 
always use a jar or can as well.

The pom pom was a fun 3-D touch and the black
glitter glue was leftover from Halloween.

My hubby cut slits in the tops of the containers 
with a tin snips and then filed down the sharp 
edges so no tiny fingers would be harmed. 

One of the ends of the scotch containers
opens up, so you could always use that to put
your money in as well, happy felting!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

DIY $2 Tree Topper

Yes, you read that right...a tree topper for only $2.00!!

I needed a topper for our red and gold tree in the sunroom/mudroom
but didn't want to pay out the nose for something that I might change up
the color scheme next year soooo, off to the Dollar Tree. 

I was actually looking for items for a different project but 
when I saw these stars, I knew exactly what I was going to
do with them. Pick up two identical stars. Mine are 3-D
and glittered to the max.

Make sure your glue gun is plugged in and hot and then
quickly run a strip of glue on each of the flat sides, then
stick your two stars together. Mine didn't want to stay
together at the corners, so I just worked with them one 
at a time and squeezed a bit of hot glue inside the little
ducks beak and then pinched them together. Worked
like a charm!

I was going to leave one side unglued but didn't
want my stars popping apart when I tried stuffing
the topper on top of the tree. Instead, I tied the star 
to the top with a piece of fishing line.