Wednesday, February 25, 2015

DIY Wrapping Station

Who else is a total sucker for the $1 a roll wrapping 
paper at Target? I am! A place to store my rolls without
all the bent ends which was easily accessible was on my
to-do list and this wall needed a bit of color...

Found this open frame at an antique shop, although it's
not antique, it was perfect and snatched up for a great
price. A box of cup hooks, some mini metal rods
and a finished usable piece that isn't too shabby
to look at when coming down the stairs to the basement.

We already had the bar, hooks and buckets, so hung
a few for washi tape, stickers, etc. I moved the markers 
and scissors onto a high shelf in a closet, since we
still have littles and that would just be a catastrophe
waiting to happen!

A few jars for ribbon scraps and bakers twine. 
The green locker, which will be getting a paint face 
lift hopefully this summer, holds tissue paper, 
small boxes, bubble wrap and other packaging items.

The metal rods have a small hole in each end and are 
easily removable when you need to change out the
rolls of paper. A small piece of washi tape is also
a great way to keep the paper from unrolling.

Friday, February 13, 2015

DIY Frame and Valentine Mantle Decor

I asked my dear hubby to whip up another project
that's been floating around in my head. We needed 
something larger for our mantle that could be used 
to decorate with. After looking for frames at Michael's 
and a few other stores but not wanting to swallow 
the $100 or more price tag for the size we needed. 
Two pieces of fence boards from Home Depot were
snatched up instead and this is what the hubs made 
that I painted with Americana Decor Chalk Paint.

 Just a simple square but it adds a bit of height
and will be so fun to switch up for all the different 
holidays this year, can't wait to continue
the crafting projects!! 

Here's our mantle this year for Valentine's Day.
Share the love and link your Valentine projects
or decor below in the comments!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Coffee Filter Flowers

With the leftover coffee filters from my 3-D Heart
I whipped up these super simple and fun coffee filter flowers.
I used the same technique as before, essentially folding each
filter in half and then pinching to make a stem in the center. 
I stuck the first flower inside the top of a paper straw and then
added two more filters for a fuller floral look.

Careful with that hot glue gun on this project,
it just might bite a little!
A scrap of ribbon glued on the bottom of the flower
 helps to hide any odd layers as well.

These would make a fun gift for your Valentine!

3-D Coffee Filter Heart

 I needed to make something large for an open frame 
the hubs built for me and decided to try my hand at
tackling coffee filters. I  used only one stack from my 
coffee filter bag for this project with a few filters left over. 

A bottle of red reinker dye (that I have for my stamp pads)
was used along the edges. I wanted the color to flow down 
the filters so pulled out a glass of water and a straw.
I soaked the entire stack of filters until I was happy
with the color saturation and then let the stack dry overnight.
Make sure you do this on a plate, paper works fine
and you can toss in the trash when you are done.

I was going to cut out a large cardboard heart but
saw this stiff felt one at Michael's and it was 1/2 off
so I used it as my base. Once the coffee filters were 
completely dry, I started forming them into flower 
shapes. Just fold in half and then twist the bottom 
into a little stem. You can fluff the tops if needed.

 Once you get some flowers made up, whip out your
hot glue gun and work with one flower at a time
gluing them onto your form. Make sure you squish
each flower down a bit (without crushing) till the
glue can catch or harden. 

After covering my heart, I went back and filled in
the spots that I thought needed a bit more fluff.
Hope you'll try your hand at a coffee filter project
the possibilities are endless!

Monday, February 9, 2015

DIY Valentine Decorations on a Stick

Looking for some easy and fun Valentine Decorations?
If you  have any tulle or yarn lying around, wrap it around 
two or three fingers, tie the center (really tightly) with another
piece of thread or ribbon and then cut the loops until 
they poof into a nice little pom pom (you can give them
a little haircut if you aren't happy with the shape). 
I hot glued mine to paper straws to add a little height 
to my Valentine mantle display this year.

If you don't have any yarn, ribbon or tulle, a bit of
cardstock will work as well. I die cut these hearts and 
glued them onto fun brightly striped paper straws.
More Valentine fun to display around the house!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Magic Shoelaces by Laceez

Have you ever read the book "Magic Shoelaces" by Audrey Wood?
It was one of my favorites growing up and I still have a copy which
has been passed down to my kiddos. 

After stumbling upon Laceez on Instagram and seeing that 
no-tying was involved, the Magic Shoelaces book came to mind.

The laces arrived in cute drawstring bags and mini boxes
with a drawing on the backs to show how to lace them,
so you too can have magic shoes!

My daughter snatched up the blue and purple pairs quickly
and promptly threw away her old nasty laces. The XL were 
a bit too long for her shoes, so she looped them through again
and they fit perfectly. The best part, Laceez makes 
for a much faster out the door routine in the mornings for school.
The purple ones made her hightops slip on shoes, perfect
for a trendy girl on the go!

I can't wait for my four year old to grow out of his
velcro shoes so I can buy him a big boy pair with laces
and give him a pair of magic shoelaces from Laceez as well.

If you want to make your family shuffle out the door
with a bit more ease, I'd definitely stock up on some Laceez!

Disclosure: Thank you Laceez for sponsoring this post.
All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

DIY Felt Valentine Decor

I usually stick to paper projects, because, well...
I know paper. Sewing. Not so much. But I do
always have felt lying around, not sure why. 
I seriously should've been a school teacher with 
all the variety of craft supplies we have holed up
in our home.

More Valentine Decor was in order, so I whipped 
out my stash of felt, cut a few hearts and started 
stitching them together with bakers twine. Don't 
look too closely, there are a TON of mistakes but at
least the stuffing isn't coming out! 

My 7 year old son was quite interested in the new
little heart pillows on our coffee table and wanted
to try his hand at sewing too. 4 tiny handsewn pillows
later, I think I've found a new 'busy' project for him.

I hot glued the white center hearts on first before
sewing the red pieces together, leaving a little slot
to poke the stuffing into and then finished up the
hearts...with wine, of course!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Valentine Heart Banner - Kid Craft

Got all four of my chickens involved in decorating this
year for February. I die cut out these hearts in white cardstock,
and let them go to town with craft paint and Q-Tips. 

After the hearts were dry, a simple hole punch for
ease of threading bakers twine (or you can use yarn)
and then die cut letters to spell your desired phrase.
You can also use stickers or draw directly onto 
the dry painted hearts with a sharpie marker, 
if you don't have die cuts for lettering.

Happy Decorating!!

DIY Valentine Decor Amore

After taking down our Christmas decor, the house
felt a little barren and although I love a clean and
uncluttered house, I also love holidays!

We are lacking in the Valentine decor
department, so when I spotted these cool
metal letters at Michael's...I put them back.
Really. I did. I put them back and walked away.
Mainly because there wasn't an "o"...and then
I walked past the Valentine row and spotted 
the perfect "o", the red metal cookie cutter
heart. I quickly ran back and snatched up
my letters and then headed to Home Depot.
Happy girl, happy girl!!!

Picked up 3 fence panels since another project
is in my head, in the works.
Just a two foot section was cut for this craft.
It needed to stand up, so a piece of scrap wood, 
an angled cut & some screws fixed that.

Already had the pink Americana Decor chalk
paint on hand, so I quickly got to work painting.

Of course a coffee break between the two coats.
Finished up the edges with a bit of white chalk paint.

I used the two pots of paint to balance the board on while
spacing the letters and hot gluing. If you wait a couple of 
seconds, the glue is the perfect temperature to smear into
the cracks with your finger without losing layers of skin.

A quick cut with an exacto knife to remove any visible glue 
that seeped out from the tops of the letters and voila!

That's Amore!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Easy DIY Painted Stripe

Checking 'to do' items off our list, one of which
was touching up all the paint in our home. With little
fingers and tiny thrown toys at times, our walls had
a few dings that needed repaired and touched up. 

This dresser had one of those beloved dings on the 
top drawer and it has bothered me for over a year.
I already had the blue paint out to touch up the 
large horizontal stripe that goes around our sons room
and decided to 'fix' up their plain jane white dresser
from IKEA while I was at it.

I eyeballed my first tape line, then grabbed a ruler 
for the second to make sure I was even from each end.
A little hole filler - no sanding on anything - a foam
brush and paint. 

First coat...I waited until completely dry. I set a mini
fan in front of the dresser to help quicken my drying
time, since my todo list seemed miles long, isn't it 
always, haha!

Second Coat

and Third can still see a bit of the ding
but it's not as noticeable now that the dresser is painted.
I wanted to make sure the paint would hold up to my boys,
hence the third coat.

 Peeled off the tape and am in LOVE with the new look!
 Have you painted anything in the new year?