Curbside Makeover - Take 2

This is the second time I've made over this curbside find, 
that I threw into the back of my car when we lived in
Newport, Rhode Island. You can find my first post HERE.

I am over the moon with how this turned out and 
can't wait to get started on my next paint project!

First I sanded off the stenciled design off the top.
I wanted to make sure the top would have a smooth 
surface and not leave a flower impression once I was
finished painting. It's the only portion of the piece I
actually sanded since I knew I would be using the
ever-forgiving chalk paint.

I'm also partial to foam brushed when applying chalk
paint, they are inexpensive and I love that I can squish
them into small areas if needed.

This is after the first coat of Americana Decor
Chalky Finish "Yesteryear". It's a beautiful pale
grey color, which I love...but I was going for a 
different look to coordinate with the bathroom
mirror where this piece was to reside.

I pulled out my Waverly Wax in Antique and started 
applying it with an old t shirt. If you don't want your
dark wax to look so dark, apply a clear wax first.

I quickly wiped on the Antique, working with one 
side of my piece at a time. One I'd finish applying, 
I'd start wiping off the wax and rubbing it in, till
I achieved the more worn look.

This is after the Antique Wax has been applied 
everywhere. You can see that I didn't put wax
inside on the bottom sections. I had a different
idea for the inside...since the top piece normally
would've held a drawer which was broken
when I first picked up the piece. There was a 
funny little lipped section that I wanted to make 

Before I get to the insides:
Here are two easy clean up musts.
1. Wipe top of containers with a damp
paper towel, so you can easily unscrew 
the lid again.
2. Wear gloves so your hands don't look 
as fantastic as mine did when I finished!

 Here is my fix for the bottoms of the insides...
little pieces of wood. I was going to use paint sticks
but Home Depot was out of the large ones. I found
the next best thing and my hubby introduced me to
the saw, watch out world!

I cut them all to fit using the cool little laser light
and that sassy blade and I'm proud to announce,
I still have all of my fingers!

 The back corners of the top section had these little 
pieces that stuck up, so my DH helped me cut the
notches out for those pieces to fit inside.

My sweet helper, Satine...she loves her Mama
and I can always count on her to be nearby.

Next I pulled out my Americana Decor Chalky Paint
Everlasting, a nice bright white. Painted all the small 
wooden cut pieces and let them dry. After a second 
coat I quickly sanded them down a bit to make sure
they were nice and smooth on the edges and tops.

A bit of Elmer's Wood Glue and some golf balls 
did the trick for easy installation of the wooden
pieces and then only one step to go...

Just one coat of Minwax Polycrylic Clear Satin
protective finish and I'm proud to say this beauty
is done!!

Here she is in our half bathroom holding 
a few bathroom essentials...


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Lego Birthday Party Ideas

I love planning parties...but
my kids usually get the short end of the 
party planning stick since Mama is running
around like a crazy last-minute lady! 
(crafting party items for LeroyLime on Etsy)

If I haven't mentioned before...well, I don't do cakes, 
I'm more of a paper gal, so if you need a paper cake,
I've got you covered but those tend to not like flame.

I asked the lady behind the cake counter for a lego cake and 
my son was happy, so win win for this Mama...
and onto the decorations and party favors.

We held my son's 5th Birthday at the bowling alley,
(he's now 7)
which makes for easy cleanup and is a great venue
if you are looking for something fun for the kids
to do without breaking the bank!

The party patrons weren't many, so I opted for a small
box of legos for each child and made a "thank you" lego
bookmark, that I had my son color for his friends. 

I printed out a lego man online, typed a little thank
you note, attached to a piece of 
cardstock and added a piece of bakers twine. Bam!

Pizza, Cake, Legos and Lemonade 

A simple party that everyone enjoyed...
just wish I had taken more photos!

Below are a few of my favorite Pinned Lego Party Ideas,
if you've got some great ones, please link them
in the comments!

Betty Crocker nailed it with these lego cakes using
marshmallows!! Pure genius!

If you'd rather have cookies than cakes at your Lego
Party, check out this fabulous Lego Man Cookie
tutorial from Sweet Sugar Belle.

Surviving the Stores created a fun post
on how to have a Lego Birthday Party
for under $100.

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Playroom Makeover

Our basement playroom was in need of a little
pizzazz, so out came the painters tape and all the 
leftover paint that has been used around our home.

Here is the wall...


...and here is what I taped out. I used a large level to
add marks on the wall and then taped along the wall,
matching up to the pencil marks (making sure I would 
be covering them with paint).

I knew I wanted the kitchen in the right corner, so
decided to leave that blank...

A chalkboard spot for drawing on the left, I painted
over every section twice before peeling off the tape.

The yellow spot is a little too pale for my taste but 
it's where the magnetic board is hung with the kids
fridge magnets below in a basket. 

So a few hours of taping one day, painting and 
reorganizing the toys the second day and now 
there is a little more cheer in our dark basement!



40th Birthday Gift Idea

We all hate getting older, when we actually are older
but somehow those Birthday's sneak up on us...
year after shining year.

My good friend just recently celebrated a milestone 
Birthday and to celebrate her jokester self, I thought
sending her a pot fill with suckers would at least make
her laugh...it did!

"40 SUCKS"

I picked up a terracotta pot and foam ball from 
a local craft store and a mondo bag
of suckers (thank you Sam's Club) and got to work.
I already had black chalkboard spray paint and gold
lying around, as well as frog tape.

First I taped off the top of the pot where I wanted 
the gold to go and spray painted two coats of the black
chalkboard paint on the bottom of the pot.

After the paint was dry, I peeled off the tape and 
carefully taped off the bottom, black portion. I gently
pressed the tape onto the bottom, so it didn't peel off
the paint and then quickly sprayed the rim and inside
the pot a pretty gold.

Two coats, drying time and then it was time to 
plant some suckers!! I started at the top and worked
my way around. I tried to stick to the Birthday
girl's favorite colors but had to add a bit of green 
to the bottom, we will just call them leaves.

Next a little free hand drawing with chalk markers, 
not super fancy but it gets the job done cause really
...40 SUCKS!! ;)


Ombre Party Ideas

Parties don't have to go all out to pack a big punch
as you can see from these very simple Teal Ombre 
Party decorations. If you stick to a simple color
scheme, then your sweet touches are able to stand out
and take center stage.

 I worked with my good friend Megan, on the decor for
her daughter's Graduation party. Megan happens 
to be an AMAZING photographer and lives in Oregon.
(Look her up if you are the area and need photos, she
is seriously just so very talented!)

 At first we were going to go with blue and yellow,
high school colors...but with Megan's 
impeccable taste, we both agreed those were
a bit too harsh for the soft party look she was going for.
We instead agreed on her daughter's favorite color and
turned it into an ombre party with bits of glittery gold
for just the right amount of girly flair.

A simple white sheet cake, wildflowers in a
jar and photographs tucked under a glass top table, 
that can be viewed but protected from sticky fingers.
Megan hung a few paper puff balls from the ceiling,
which added a bit more color to the space
and created a fun whimsical effect.

I'd call this party decor a success! "YAY"

If you are looking to book a photography session for
your upcoming Senior, Megan is booking now...

Photos taken by the lovely Megan Morgan Photography
Ombre Party Decorations made by LeroyLime on Etsy


Garden Fence & Gate

Growing up on a farm in Iowa, you'd think I have a 
natural green thumb...sadly, you are wrong. But somehow, 
I've managed to grow a small garden in our backyard, 
canyoubelieveit. You can find the original post and see just
how much our little garden has taken off since we
first planted everything HERE.

With a bountiful of greens however, come a few late
night stragglers, nibbling away at our pretty 
leaves...the buggers! I picked up a roll of green
fence and a few posts from Home Depot and my 
DH (dear hubby) sweetly installed a barrier 
 directly around the box. Ahem.

With no way of getting to the garden, he widened
the fence, adding a few extra poles and a quick gate 
for easy access. For ease of disassembly if needed,
the fence is attached to the posts with zip ties.

 The gate was made using 3 fence boards, the tops cut
off, one of which was chopped in half.  A few quick
 zaps of the nail gun with a few screws for reinforcement, 
at the corners. A small piece of fence was stapled
onto the back and the gate zip tied to one of the posts. 
The gate needs to be stained to match the 
garden box but so far, it's been keeping the critters 
out and the garden is able to flourish inside. 


Rocking Chair Makeover

I picked up this sweet little rocking chair for $6 at a
second hand store in North Dakota a few years ago and 
it finally got a much needed facelift with a bit of 
Americana Decor chalk paint.

I used a sanding block to smooth the rough edges,
cleaned off the chair with a damp paper towel and
let it air dry for a bit before painting.

I used Americana Decor Chalk paint, called Refreshing,
a beautiful and truly refreshing mint color.
I found the paint at Michael's (using a 40% off coupon)
and Home Depot also carries a few color choices.

The first coat was easy to apply...I'm a bit of a messy
painter when it comes to chalk paint if I'm planning
on sanding afterward, like I did with this piece. 
Two coats of paint were applied so that none of the
wood grain would show through, at least not until
I wanted it to!

I went through a couple of sponge brushes on this
project, they kept getting caught on the small
areas and ripping but otherwise, worked great.

The second coat covered the wood that was 
showing through and I used a sanding block 
to distress the edges just slightly.


Since this chair will be used by little ones I didn't 
really care to wax and rewax when needed, so I pulled
out my can of Minwax clear/satin Polycrylic. I used a
water based brush to apply. You only need a little bit
on your brush at a time since the Poly dries quickly 
and you want to minimize drips. A double coat of Poly
was added to the seat and a few places I know will 
get more wear and tear.

Now to put this sweetheart back in my now two
year olds Vintage Circus bedroom!


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End of School - Teacher Gift

It's that time of the year...time for warm sun, lounging by
the pool and enjoying a good book with nothing to worry
about except the ending!

Depending on where you live, some of your kids may have
been soaking up the rays for a few weeks. This week was 
our kids last and now the summer activities are underway.

 I sent the kids to school with the perfect summer send off 
for their teachers on the last day. A bag (from Pick your Plum)
filled with a few summer essentials...beach towel, 
a large bottle of water, bag of popcorn
(cause you always need a snack at the pool or beach)
and a gift card to Target to snatch up the best summer paperback!

I used powerpoint to put together the wording on my
tag. The whale is a Sizzix die cut that I ran through
my Big Shot Machine. 

(close up of the tag)

May you all have a wonderful summer and don't 
forget to RELAX!!!


Financial compensation or product was not received for this post. 
Opinions expressed here are my own.


DIY Magnetic Chalkboard

If you're not a fan of a messy fridge and you have
a blank wall just begging to be beautified, a DIY 
magnetic chalkboard just might be in order.

My dear hubs doesn't like clutter (which is why
we are a perfect match) and so, to drive this DIY to
the finish line...I started to "clutter" up the space where
I wanted the magnetic chalkboard to go, by taping
the kids artwork and school papers to the wall with
Washi Tape...it worked!

Shopping List:

2-1X4 Pine Fence Boards
3X2' Sheet of 1/4" thick Aluminum
Black Chalkboard Paint
(Leftover) White Paint

He started by cutting the fence boards down to size 
and adding angles for the corners. Clamped it all 
together and then painted the metal board with several
layers of Chalkboard Paint. The frame was painted 
white with some leftover paint. The magnetic
chalkboard is held behind the frame with metal 
brackets on  each corner and he also taped around the 
board, so the back would be smooth. Heavy duty metal
hangers hang this heavy duty project straight into
the studs. We had the metal filing baskets and added 
them to the wall for extra school papers.

The frame size is 42-3/4" X 31" but you can
customize it to fit your space.

The perfect way to organize all the papers and crap 
from collecting on the counter, yipee!

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envye template.